“With the help of Charmeur, my cream fondant came out perfectly and the flavor options they offer are absolutely delicious. I had so much fun making these chocolates and ALL my friends LOVED eating them.”

Pat | Nevada

“Love the Charmeur Chocolate kit. My grandchildren and I enjoy spending time together over the Holidays making gingerbread houses, candy wreaths and many fun projects like this. This chocolate making kit is now our new favorite tradition! Chocolate, laughter, and fun for the whole day, and many memories to last for a lifetime.”

Jodi | California

“I have made holiday candy for years, but I’ve never tried homemade chocolates before. Charmeur’s chocolate-making kit made the process easy and fun. The recipes were simple enough that my kids could help, and the finished product was delicious. We can’t wait to make more! This will definitely become a holiday tradition for our family!”

Michelle | Minnesota

“My Charmeur Chocolate Making kit has changed my life! Ok that may seem a little dramatic, but that is how I feel! I have always wanted to master the Art of chocolate making but didn’t know where to turn. This kit had everything I needed from the tools to the toppings! My daughter and I can’t wait to do this all over again, try new flavors and recreate our favorites. Thanks Charmeur for making this Art so easy and fun!”

Lucy | Utah

“I love making homemade chocolates, I have always been in charge of “turning” the fondant. The Charmeur Fondant Charmer made my job so much easier. I wouldn’t want to turn the fondant without it now!”

Sorena | Utah

“I am so impressed with the taste of these chocolates! I can’t wait to have my next Chocolate Party!!”

Saundra | Nevada

“It is incredible how easy it is to make chocolates using the Charmeur chocolate kit. I had all the tools, and simply watched a few of Charmeurs instructional videos. It’s really not that hard!”

Rachel | Utah