Make Your Own Gourmet Chocolates At Home!

Create Chocolate Covered Traditions™ With Your Family & Experience The Best Artisan Chocolates Your Mouth Will Ever Taste!
A Complete Kit Containing The World’s First and Only Patented Chocolate Fondant Stirring Technology
Charmeur’s GOURMET Sweet Traditions Chocolate-Making kits have everything you need to make your own delicious chocolates at home! Flavor oils, divine toppings, in collective jars, patented Charmette fondant-stirring tool, candy thermometer, dipping tool, droppers, chocolate cups, gift boxes, cello bags, ribbons, stickers, recipe book, and of course CHOCOLATE!


It’s Easy to Make Delicious Chocolates

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My mother started dipping chocolates in 1962. Through six children, 28 grandchildren, and 50 years, she created and perfected a holiday tradition that brings family and friends together. A tradition so delicious that her children (and our children) gather in the kitchen every year, laughing, rolling centers, singing, and dipping our way to chocolate heaven.
At Charmeur, our desire to help you create those same memories with your families. We bring you the tools, techniques, and ideas that will help you create sweet traditions in your own home. And we guarantee these traditions will serve up smiles and laughter and lasting family memories. (And chocolate, of course!)

-Andrea Anaya, Founder of Charmeur-